Tuesday, May 3, 2016

turn to

This morning my temptation, for some reason, was to watch an online video of open heart surgery as a reminder of my ongoing blessing of life. So I watched as the scalpel razored a straight line down the man’s chest and the opening, until it brought to mind my sirloin steak breakfast and I cut out. 6 oz inch-thick sizzle sixty seconds on one side, flip, sixty on the other side, out and onto my plate. Rare steak and coffee black.

There goes the Navy, out for another’s days work at sea. Now turn to, turn to, commence ship’s work. Gosh I love those guys and all that went with it for me, but mainly in the destroyer nearly sixty years ago. Memory is better from 7H than standing topside watching the shoreline disappear. Destroyer, rest of the twenty years, you can keep it though loved my tours of duty in WashDC. 

This morning: Bible Seminar, usual time and place. Revelation, second cycle of seven, angels with trumpets, woman and the dragon, two beasts, Lamb and the redeemed.   

Met Father Steve as he arrived this morning and will check later.

Tuesday, all is well.


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