Monday, May 9, 2016

Sunrise Dance

Not noticeable in the sunrise photo, a tug is doing its “dance” with two barges it has towed into StAndrewsBay from the Gulf of Mexico. Happens often: out in the Gulf, I suppose when the sea is calm, the barges are pulled along in a string behind the tug. Immediately in the Bay where tight control is required, they pause in the far channel while the tug pushes the barges together as a unit, then joins the unit from behind and pushes them. 

Promises another lovely spring day, though I may not be venturing out into it. Yesterday what for a week or more I’d thought was allergies blossomed into congestion that is a wretched full-blown spring cold. By noontime when church was over it had so seized control that I was straight home to bed, by evening unable to speak, and no walk this morning. 

10:30 worship yesterday was our Mothers Day celebration, one of several church year highlights that pack the sanctuary. Children read the four lessons and were the music stars. It was beautiful, moving, perfect. In all my years I may never have loved a church service so much. Shame if you missed it!

A great weekend that included a lovely family birthday party to honor and celebrate a 103rd birthday, my personal remembrance that it was the 104th anniversary of my mother’s birth, and all the children yesterday. Life Is Good. 


Thanks, Madge for the altar shot!!

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