Monday, May 2, 2016

Adama the Earthlingess

A good morning for a walk, 72F 100% and if not photogenic, it's a beautiful day, and to be grateful for life and love.

Life has changed and is changing, not yet in the sense of a theologically assertive rubric that of death says life is changed not ended. Just so for the springtime of life in 7H. 

Mother's Day coming up Sunday, what to say? Thankful for the mothers who gave life to each of us, and for the mothers before them back into the ages of ages, in Heilsgeschichte to the Garden and for Eve and that she ate the apple and set our wits free. It will be a day, not to rejoice in our motherhood, because we are not all of us mothers, but gratitude that even in myth we earthlings were divided. An unimaginative Creator could as well have made us parthenogenic, yet here we are. 

Not going there theologically, but there would have been no need for Adam, and wouldn't Eve the Earthlingess have missed a lot of fun.


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