Tuesday, May 10, 2016

bad worse worst

Between cold pills and coughing until the pills took effect, up half the night, dystopian dream the rest of the night until quarter-past seven this morning. Parts of the dream that don’t evaporate I may journal in the dreams section of the little bound volume given me at CPG’s CREDO back in 2008 for diary, notes &c. Some of the dream’s episodes are clear but I can't remember what set it off. Like my ICU psychosis at Cleveland five years ago, I kept coming half-awake then zonking back into it, couldn’t escape. Part of it included trudging through quicksand holding either Tass or Kristen as a toddler. Part of it was … oh what the hell … and there were refugees all over the place, taking food from people’s abandoned homes, milling about confused, one of my thoughts during was astonishment that these refugees were all Americans like me. Never mind the episode where I couldn’t find my car, the dark green 1948 Dodge sedan that was loaded with all our stuff rescued from the house or from my office, a bunch of emergency things like table lamps, and Alice pointed to a place where while we were at lunch some “authority” had used mine and other cars as part of a dam and were dumping loads of dirt on the stacked cars, and my car's windows were all open as it filled with dirt and mud, the lamps shades being crushed 

Cancelled my Tuesday morning Bible Seminar for today due to this head cold nonsense. 

Tuesday, May 10th, a gray day over StAndrewsBay, gray, white, blue mottled sky, black line of Shell Island and Magnolia Beach dividing the scene, gray Bay. Still, it’s a beautiful day. When one is eighty, every day is a beautiful day, and my regret is that I didn’t bother knowing that at twenty. 

President Obama to visit Hiroshima. The nattering nabobs of negativism will be shaking their heads. I’ve been to Nagasaki but not Hiroshima. It was 1965, to the epicenter of the second atomic bomb we dropped, conclusively ending World War 2. I remember, I do remember. And I bought a postcard of the epicenter monument, dark jade green color. But the half-tori is more signifying --


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