Monday, May 30, 2016

pint o' bitter

Memorial Day here at my Bay window where binocular shows many boats at Shell Island, more heading across. I’m all chair & view over salt, surf, sun & sand. Tomorrow, final Bible Seminar, something new come September, life brings change and surprise, doesn’t it, and at the concert yesterday Captain Jack reminded me I can be whatever I want to. Truth, I can look around at life and confirm: four-score years that has been so. Same for most anyone: be what you will.

Election year, at long last Ordinary Americans protest the in-crowd. If Ordinary Americans were serious, instead of just shouting Bernie and The Donald they would be voting out of office the McConnells and Reids and every other son of a leach whose sole interest is making a political career on our taxes and padding their retirement on the income of our great-greatgrandchildren. I still like my constitutional amendment: one term, we shake your hand and gift you a one-way bus ticket home. Two terms, you walk up the gallows steps to a different free sendoff. 

That’s no way to talk, is it.

What’s happening here for the good? Spring Break seems history, thanks to PCB citizens who voiced, voted and prevailed over insatiable greed. 

Memorial Day. My heroes are named on The Wall, one by one. 

Taste of asperity? Touch of fingers and tip of tongue. 


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