Saturday, May 28, 2016

ἀγαπή to φιλέω

ἀγαπή to φιλέω:
finally ὁράω the difference

What to say when so stunned you don’t know what to say, if anything. Or whether perhaps good, better, best keep your mouth shut lest you showcase the fool yet one more time again. One name, how many blanks are on the board for the Weller Scholar award that was inaugurated last night at the Holy Nativity Episcopal School middle school graduation? Congratulations, Ivy! and will they really continue it, and that long? How long does an honor last, how long does honor itself last? How long does ἀγαπή last? What if and when they discover and realize others were first and before and far more to be honored? Because there were, and are, and I can name them.

Even refusing to start a paragraph with “I” I cannot believe this happened, ἀγαπή you loved me, us, by surprise. ἀγαπή - - no, more than ἀγαπή — even φιλέω: we got affectioned, cherished last night.

That’s all I can say. 

Sometime this morning I’m going out and tell Bill about this - -

My history with this school I so dearly love begins September 1941


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