Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2 gigajoules

No blogpost Monday morning was there, das tut mir leid. Slept until an unheard of six o’clock, and when I came out of the shower Ray and Lillie were here in the room to take us to the wedding ceremony venue. Freeport, Grand Bahama Island is an interesting port of call: don’t go there to shop. 

Ride to the beach at the other end of the island was bleak, due to landscape flattening by recent hurricanes, homes with roof shingles missing. Cleveland's Beach Club was bad hit by Hurricane Matthew, the proprietor told me, 

but they've recovered sufficient to reopen. It's right on the sea and I had a Kalik beer, 5%, not bad though my taste is to bitter, but not a bad beer, local. 

Cruise ship landing at Freeport an industrial area, not downtown at fun shopping like here in Nassau, where five cruise ships are here in port with us today: two Disney ships, two Royal Caribbean, and our ship, Carnival Valor. Pleasant weather, nice square right here at the port, with lots of benches to sit, look at the free map, and reconnoitre. 

Wedding ceremony in lavender, if I'd known I'd have brought a lavender vestment. Windy, strong, stiff breezy wind coming off the sea and low breakers right there at our feet

Only serious mistake I’ve made so far was getting in the wrong “Carvery” line for supper on board last evening. As I finished my well done roast beef, Linda said in the other line the roast beef was red, bloody red. Bad Word, said I, foul and profane, don’t use words like that in the presence of a lady even if the beef was well well done. Tonight I’ll try again, the other line. This morning a nice breakfast of eggs benedict on salmon, went off the ship for our short shopping adventure, back aboard for coffee and ice water, to room for nap. Not having lunch, waiting for early supper this evening. 

Cruise ships are about food, you know, free food: one must take care not to over eat.

This cruise has been a reward for the elderly: both for having sailed on Carnival before and for booking a deluxe suite, we had priority boarding, which took minutes instead of hours. Sound investment for two octogens. 

Tomorrow is billed as a “fun day at sea” and we’ll see what fun is scheduled for three thousand people with nothing to do but shop onboard and eat for free.

Cleveland's on Sea, Freeport, Bahamas

What about being back at sea. It's like being in a little city suffering a constant, continuous, continuing, ongoing earthquake, Magnitude 3 on the Richter Scale. Where are those sea-legs, Commander?

DThos+ from Nassau

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