Friday, November 11, 2016


- - from way, way down.

Lots of material to read online in publications I respect regardless of political orientation or leaning, and long as interest holds and other bits of life don’t seize priority, I may get round to some, many, though not all. Catching my eye this morning, a rings true quotation from ProPublica in The Atlantic, “The 2016 election revealed the large number of white, working-class voters who feel disconnected from the political establishment.” For any still stunned and agonizing with “wtf happened?” there’s an answer, proletariat to the disgusting political elite: “we hate your guts.” True but it would have rung more true if the w,w-c had followed through to massacre the detested Legislative; but when the local boy member of congress makes his rounds, smiles like he knows you, shouts out a few names and asks, “how’s your dad?” the w,w-c, flattered that the senator or congressman personally knows them or their neighbor, vote accordingly. Politics is politics and the name of the game is keep your seat, and they did.

A line to me on FB, “Give the new man a chance.” No choice, is there, as the “large number of w,w-c voters who feel disconnected from the political establishment”, when I was a boy voted Blue because they felt the party existed to look after them as FDR’s New Deal, no longer feel that way and voted Red in anger, blue-collar go red, the electoral system speaks, and here we are staged to Make America Great Again. Great for whom? When? 1919? 1941? 1950? I’m looking up - - 

My blog, like it or lump it, musing for healing in +Time+ and not sad about pres-e but about what America has confirmed ourselves to be: what he said. All of it.


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