Wednesday, November 30, 2016

25.52.41N 77.39.05W

Early morning, 5:31, still dark and cruising along heading 270° so due west. The ship may be sailing a big rectangle in order to fabricate the “Fun Day at Sea” that they call Wednesday before arriving back at Canaveral early Thursday morning. Thinking this as our fourth and last cruise, Linda and I splurged for a suite about the space of the living room in 7H, plus entryway, dressing room, large bathroom, double-size balcony. Not like the squeeze spaces our last three. 

Interesting primary news coverage on the ship’s television yesterday, POOTUS wanting Americans who burn or trample the flag to be deprived of their citizenship or sent to prison. Free speech includes all kinds of protest possibilities, all effectively meant to anger someone who will be outraged, and abusing the flag to get attention and anger somebody is as much an exercise of free speech as sitting or kneeling during the national anthem or defacing the pictures of The Leader that soon will be required in every home, and in every school room to replace the portrait of George Washington. At any event, one is thankful that humanity, the nation, and world have so few problems that punishing people for burning the flag can be priority for a rational thinking man, the people’s choice.

Ship heading 281° now according to my iPhone, 6:00 and a tray of coffee and tomato juice just arrived at the door. WTH, we’re at sea, oh-six-hundred hours and counting.

Latitude 25.52.41N Longitude 77.39.05W 

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