Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Arial, but don't despair

Super moon has it “bright as day” would be the expression, not true, but close. Looking south, and with earth tilting into winter, our perspective now has the moon behind and over the building, north of us. Other than super moons, and one like this won’t come again until 2034 anyway so what the hell, no need to despair. Earth’s tilting schedule is what keeps the sun over and behind the building and out of our faces all summer, a bountiful blessing. 

Ship passing, not a larger one. In last week’s cataclysmic, the vessel schedule and other mundane things slipped by, were invisible, so can’t say, but now scrolling back that may be Guadalupe 326x55 with containers from Progreso, in and out the same day.

No apocalyptic, moving on beyond last Sunday’s gospel in which Luke has Jesus prophesying “the days will come when not one stone will be left upon another; all will be thrown down,” but don't despair, he says not a hair of our head will be harmed; still, this headache won’t abate. Wondering whether the parade cars have been ordered, I’m aware it’s dark, darker longer these days.

Arial, but don't despair, it could be worse, it could be Comic Sans.

DThos+ in +Time+

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