Friday, November 25, 2016


Couple of brain things to do today, plus my sadness inevitably sets in when Tass leaves to return home to Tallahassee. Otherwise a Friday of peace and quiet at promise. 

Why can’t I be 36 again, a Navy commander managing my career differently. Evidently wanting a second chance at life, woke this morning from a dream in which, confused and greatly mixed feelings, I’d just put on the fourth stripe heading back to WashDC and a new duty station. What’s bothering? Why should Brexit be bothering me, I have no further desire to travel, surely not to relocate?

And why should an obscure FoxNews article online this morning bother me, “Vladimir Putin: Russia's border 'doesn't end anywhere’ Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia's border "doesn't end anywhere", addressing a televised awards ceremony for geography students. He asked a nine-year-old boy where Russia's border ended and the boy replied ‘at the Bering Strait’. Mr Putin provided his own answer, which he then said was meant as a joke. Mr Putin has pledged to defend ethnic Russians wherever they live.” A very funny joke, nicht wahr, Sudeten Germans, anyone, Polish Germans? Is this 1939? 1932? Heh heh, it is to laugh, no? “Any Dream Will Do” or, per Ukraine, any excuse. 

Not and never a political blog, uneasy about potentially shifting U.S. alliances, but no American patriot could rightfully hope an American president will fail, and I do not, neither now nor ever regard half of fellow Americans as The Enemy. Thanksgiving Day is a national holy day, to some of us the holiest of holies, perhaps with the Fourth of July, Veterans Day; Columbus Day like it or lump it. Memorial Day. Presidents Day for 1&16. How the hell I wander this far off into the brambles, I neither know nor care.

Black Friday? Even in India? Do they have BF in the UK? Across the EU? FoxNews: as US relationship with Pakistan degrades under PEOTUS it may improve with India? 

"PEOTUS" and "VPEOTUS"? gimmeabreak

Why do humans contrive to so hate and murderously anagape each other? Someone said or wrote that it’s because of religion, our religious differences. Is that it or are we still fighting over hunting grounds.

Breakfast oyster dressing.



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