Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Týr’s Day

This morning Linda says to me drying off after shower, "Hurry, come see the sunrise." Forty years ago yes, but an octogenarian in his birthday suit is right scary, so dress quickly and miss the momentary splendor. 70° 56% and whether “God Is Good” depends in some wise on who and what we are, our perspective and perception. Zacchaeus perceives Jesus as the Merciful One, rejoices in his coming, repents, and proudly leads him home to take Tea. Habakkuk Theodidact calls a spade a spade but yields I AM the floor to speak in self defense though He seems bottom of His law school class, and fails to acquit. As for me, I sit in the far back corner averting eyes lest the Evil Eye spot me; salt over the shoulder and wishing me long years. And so, Habakkuk, where is God, and was Carl Jung correct that the Cross was Divine atonement for the conspiratorial atrocity against Job Everyman … ? I don’t know, I know nothing, but in my far back corner nothing is too blasphemous for the mind to wonder, if not the mouth to voice. Who didn't read Habakkuk, for shame, and read him. Wishing me long years.

Tuesday, a lovely day and busy. Blogpost to write, Sunday bulletin to draft, Episcopal 101 Session 1 to print, Meeting before noon, Wednesday morning muse to edit and prayer to contemplate, Wednesday evening chat to think on. Sirloin steak for breakfast, ice water and black. Morning in which to feel blessed: It's A Beautiful Day.

Sun’s Day, Moon’s Day,
DThos+ in Týr’s Day

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