Sunday, November 6, 2016

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

But for other disgracing factors, indiscreet lust or simpletonian stupidity, John Edwards could have been president, or Dan Quayle. Television did it creating and stirring our salacity for photogenic, strikingly handsome leaders that started with John F. Kennedy, their constant presence in our homes, movie star Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton the ladies man. Before tv when we didn’t see them live realtime 24/7, and they were out of sight except a newspaper headshot, radio voice, or newsreel clip waving from the rear platform of a train, it was character, war hero Ike Eisenhower, brilliant intellect and moving, persuasive voice of FDR. Ideas, slogans, principles, powerful grassroots political machines. Wretchedly homely Martin Van Buren could never have been president today

But their ubiquitous personal company on the bigscreen by the kitchen table and opposite the livingroom sofa iMax have made us want only the most beautiful, sexiest, gorgeous blond president. Day after tomorrow will clarify at last which of the beautiful people we have chosen. Isn't he a doll, OMG, that gorgeous profile on a fifty dollar gold piece:


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