Friday, November 4, 2016

hand salute

0333, up over an hour now, dark, no park lights. Silent but for crickets within. No lights moving on Bay, no shrimp boats for days or weeks. Orion, Sirius high in the black, satellite south and maybe ten degrees above horizon, Little Miss Paranoia wonders why they’re watching me. Now they know I know, they’ll go dark. 

0352: 75.2° 75% softest cool breeze. More black and dark.

TAFB, 100% ID check at the front gate, courtesy salute "Good morning, Sir" from sentry, Navy custom as I recall was if not in uniform return salute with a nod but that doesn't seem respectful so I salute back. Barbershop, renovation going on at commissary. Shrimpboat heading home from working EastBay as we crossed DuPont Bridge returning home.

Tinnitus and holding.


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