Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tuesday Evening

Yes, most all the pictures look alike, I know that, but 7H is an amazing place to be at sunset, evenings lately the tide rolling in, splashing noisily ashore seven stories below, Tuesday evening during a glass of red, bowl of bean soup with sour cream stirred in, slice of cheese toast, ice water. Pelicans have finished their night flight home. TAFB tower light turning green white green, AF jets roaring night ops, don't like the noise? red star on the tail? what's the problem then? Moon sliver over the Gulf of Mexico off Thomas Drive, Venus left and high. Somewhere hiding below the moon, Saturn can’t be seen.

Then the fun’s over as Linda shows up with my handful of pills and sip of water. One of these days I'll commentary on various effects of goofy pills: 35 pulse, BP 76/47. What to do? eat a potato chip and lie down a few minutes till it passes.

Voted early yesterday, maybe take daughters to vote after lunch here, Malinda Wednesday, Kristen Thursday. How will they vote? probably cancel each other out - -

Ship in the night, a big one

Something fun steaming by

Tug's barges break the light reflection again, barge's green starboard running light far ahead of the tug

What to say, what to think, what to do.

My brother Walt called Tuesday evening, from Louisiana. Been in hospital, he has west nile virus debilitatingly. Now I know why he wasn't answering my texts and emails. We talked an hour as Walt sat out in the yard watching Brendan play football. Hearing my brother's voice meant the world to me. Tuesday evening.

This time next week we will almost know the nation's new fate. I can wait.


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