Tuesday, November 22, 2016

don't ever write with the left hand

Gandalf: you shall not pass

This was goofy, didn’t work. This morning’s sky is clear, black, beautiful and starry. East to west, papermill, downtown PC, planet, moon, Sirius, Orion, condos on Thomas Drive. Lovely, so I tried a pano shot of all that: nothing, black, zilch. Oh well.

We are into the quadrennial political moaning that the party losing the election is done for. “Done for” must be an idiom, native to the language, I know what it means but can’t explain why http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/done+for

After every presidential election all the breast-beating that (fill in name of losing party) did it wrong, are no longer in touch with the people, has dropped into oblivion and will never recover. A month ago it was the Republican party per pundits, pollsters and talking heads, as Hillary, House and Senate headed for a Democratic landslide and decimation of the Republican party. God and the Electorate willing, nobody is done for, and we need at least two viable parties, preferably three or four. In my Time, the two parties we have seem to have somewhat traded appeal. When I was a boy, commonfolk were afraid of Republicans, Wallstreet & the Banks. Now folks fear Democrats, Wallstreet & the Banks. People vote for what they perceive to be in their own interest, if a party can’t appeal to that motive it’s lost, but not done for. Always another election soon, staggered vacancies and Republicans, who were done for after President Obama was elected, will moan again. Why are elections surfacing the despicable in our inhumanity. Not to say "the deplorable", as that has already been said. 

What am I accumulating over here? Where in tarnation did that question come from, must have been the right brain speaking again. Discomfited by what it wrote with the

left hand, I may not soon again free it. Someone long years ago said, “If you scratch Tom with a pin, there’s a Baptist under there” but that wasn’t what peered out at me. It may be worse. 

What passed with flying colors and cannot be rebottled?

Gandalf: fly, you fools

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