Thursday, September 15, 2016

81: Day Two

another day in +Time+ 

Moon is or was, seems or seemed full setting in the early predawn western sky. And clear, though photos turn out hazy. 

Ship slipping through the Pass into StAndrewsBay red port side heading east, then from 7H porch, slowing at hairpin turn, a sailboat anchored just off, her mast light burning, likely folks sleeping aboard o’night

passing close now, green is starboard side, and aft of her, my green nav light winking at me

oops, slip of the hand. Out of sight to the right, tug standing by to assist

Some other pics I loved this week

Women on Haj

Pouring the last drop on Nick’s head at Trinity, Apalachicola

Blowing out eight-and-one candles

A birthday card, 

Recognized the car from my 1954 Cadillac brochure. 

Note with the card says “Happy 18th birthday, Fr. Tom”. As it happens, the all new 1954 Cadillac appeared in showrooms September 1953, the month of my 18th birthday. A friend's father bought one, and I got to drive it the summer of 1954 

Sunrises over the paper mill

Sailboat resting quietly as the sun continues to rise over StAndrewsBay

DThos+ heading into the second day of the rest of my life!

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