Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Woden's Day

Gone with the slowly pinkening sky, but that’s Sirius the Dog Star up there this morning, directly over an always there bright light in the direction of Tyndall. Sirius, and directly above Sirius, unseen, the three stars of Orion’s belt. 

The mind teases us, doesn’t it. What was that all about, the waking dream? Can I piece it back together and decode it step by step, scene by scene, and if I can, do I want to, and besides, what difference does it make? Whatever was I avoiding yesterday to make it pop up anyway?

Seven stories down, squawking as it flies by, the terrible voice of our loveliest shore bird, likely interrupted as it waded around peering beady-eyed for breakfast, annoyed and escaping, protesting angrily.

Orange sky, and my green light flashing about twice per second extinguishing itself. Just to the right of the bright light to the right of Redfish Point, TAFB control tower is up and light circling, white green white green ready for a day of USAF jets. 

Moon in the west last evening, its light trailing across StAndrewsBay up to 7H porch

What do I fear? I've watched far too many vids and newsreels from the 1930s not to fear, to be unafraid. Equally fearsome in the alternative: who will replace Fox

DThos+ dreaming on …

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