Sunday, September 4, 2016

oh, it's you, Sunday

63-3, 24-7, 52-6, glad Will Muschamp pulled it off and hope he does well at SC though Chris & Trav enjoyed Clemson's Auburn game. Let’s see how FSU does v. Rebels tomorrow evening; and thank you, God that CFB will eclipse Hillary and The Donald weekends through Thanksgiving, when it will all be over.

We boiled shrimp and concocted our first but not last shrimp pizza last evening while watching another late summer evening thunderstorm gather, flash, boom and pour, two boats heading out into it while one boat races for home

Straight from church today to Apalachicola for a baptism service at Trinity, hoping they didn’t cook and eat all the mullet and whippoorwill peas yesterday.

Pax et Pox and as life goes on anyway, nevertheless and notwithstanding, let all the people say



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