Saturday, September 3, 2016


Dream On

What am I looking for? In my CFB dream season opener Michigan reduces Alabama to elephant dip, makes Buckeye butter for Thanksgiving, then in January stomps Alabama again to win the national title. 

Life goes on.

My real dream, endless night of frantic searching for a vestment while missing the eight o’clock service altogether, waking with angry heart-pounding frustration. Why? What brought that on? Anxiety dreams must be the nightmares of the elderly. 

From last night’s violent right on top of us thunderstorm, lightning off to the south over the Gulf.

Courage, my soul, and let us journey on,
Tho’ the night is dark, it won’t be very long.
Thanks be to God, the morning light appears,
And the storm is passing over, Hallelujah!

As for Saturday, Jacob has reprinted the programs for baptizing Nicholas at Trinity Church tomorrow, Sunday at three o’clock in the afternoon, EDT. Named for his grandfather Nick George, my parishioner and friend decades ago, Nick is not as old as his daddy Jacob the first time I saw him and his brother Travis and sister Despina with Mary a Sunday morning the summer of 1984, our first week in Apalachicola. 

Twin-masted schooner motoring by 7H, and Guadalupe 325x55 with containers from Progresso and return. 


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