Monday, September 5, 2016


Monday morning, I sense, will have a stark meaning for a very long Time, bringing sharp feelings and memory. But I have my own Time to live on into, don’t I, so will be doing that fully and narrowing memory to a small and smaller piece; perhaps in Time it will pop like a soap bubble and unconsciously be gone.

There’s the word stark. At some wee hour of this morning, Linda woke to loud talking, shrieking and laughter. Going out on the porch she saw seven stories below, ‘neath the lights of Oaks by the Bay Park next door, screaming, shouting and splashing, six stark naked people, running and jumping about in the Bay’s edge. A tiny red light in each mouth suggested they might be up on pot. I didn’t ask about the gender mix, or their ages, but seeing six naked humans at the same time could remind one that we all look alike so no big deal. 

Our Sunday was exciting and full early morning to early evening. Cross town in rain

Light candles for my girls. 

Decide whether to wear my orange Life Is Good hat in procession, WTH, the bishop wears a hat in church 

Decide Yes, rector is away, will never know

Two worship services, good sermon at both, good Sunday School, drive to Apalachicola in driving white rain most of the way, clearing as we crossed into Franklin County 

excitement building and on into town as memories flood back, we loved living, worshiping, working here fourteen years of our lives. 

Memories and old happy, happy feelings of July 1984 arriving. Myra’s van by the church

Rectory we lived in while Tass grew up. Small but promising grandiflora I had planted in the rectory front yard because Linda wanted a magnolia tree growing larger than ever

Inside a place of my heart 

Linda, Elizabeth and Nick up front

After the baptism with Jacob, Elizabeth, Nick, Despina and Nathan, me, and Linda at the sacristy door

Last drop of baptismal water on Nick's head!

Despina and Mary dipping and breading mullet and shrimp for frying, Nathan and Jacob

And what the most special day was all about, Elizabeth and Nicholas Franklin Williams

On the way home from Indian Pass we took one wrong turn for a tour out St. Joseph Peninsula, back through PSJ, and home more exhausted from an extraordinarily fun day than I remember, and immediately collapse into bed for combined Sunday afternoon nap and overnight sleep. Looks a pleasant morning to walk

DThos+ somewhere in +Time+

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