Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday: Act One, Scene One

Five twenty-something and there’s that lightning again, brilliant in clouds off to the southeast beyond Tyndall, but no thunder from it, so beyond PSJ and Apalachicola, WTH do I know, maybe far as Apalachee Bay. Naanh.

Strange dream last night, probably Father Nature nudging me, seldom do dreams stay with me on waking, but in this one I'm  an eagle, and Linda giving me squash casserole to eat. Delicious, but eagles don’t like squash, and later I was a donkey. Which is more the Bubba I know. 

Dreams may come out of whoever or whatever was in one’s mind the day before. I’ve noticed that sometimes a cinder glows in a remote synapse during the day and arises in a dream that night, often someone or something deliberately suppressed, or a bothering undercurrent thought, nagging memory.  

Sun’s coming up now and the lightning has vanished with the darkness. Smooth, flat Bay that I love. Thirty-two years ago this summer we relocated from Harrisburg to Apalachicola and I vowed never again to live north of U.S.Highway 98 or out of sight and smell of salt water. 7H is the ultimate fulfillment of that promise to myself.

Except for the last one below, pics sprinkled through this morning’s blogpost from Monday’s end of day.

Monday I reverted to my years long practice of Monday for myself. Didn’t go out except to walk (four times around the garage is a mile), napped at will, found TLTW&TW free online http://knovels.com/the-lion-the-witch-and-the-wardrobe/chapter-one-136273.html and read it cover to cover yet one more time again, taking me back into my final Navy years of needing an escape into imagination, and later my HNES middle school classroom with three classes, 11, 12, and 13 year olds whom I adored, September 2005. Beginning three years of modern fantasy fiction as the basis for discerning Christian love in ordinary life, we did The Chronicles of Narnia that year, books and movies, and donuts, a theme of discovering and experiencing the meaning of αγάπη, the love of Jesus. 

Every day is a beautiful day. Every day is equal, some more equal than others: Tuesday’s dawning elegance.

Mullet jumping. Pelicans breakfasting.


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