Sunday, September 25, 2016

yr obt svt

It’s all good, including, if it defies convention and shows up on blog, the American Typewriter font sporting lovely lower case g with quail feather. Beyond that, today’s post will include, later this afternoon, this morning’s sermon, to which I am about to cut here and turn. Who doesn’t like it, let’s see bumble competently through today’s atrociously threatening dominical parable, of which more later - - - 

While Linda went to have a prescription filled yesterday afternoon, yes life as normal, doctor’s orders, I watched (top pic) a tug push two barges and little front pointy thing unusually close to 7H, appearing to have cut inside the red navigation buoys, but surely not

Interesting weather last evening. Toward sunset I snapped pics of beautiful clouds gathering, representation here

then came inside and sat down. A few minutes later, thinking I hear John moving furniture around in the PH above, I glance up into total darkness outside and one of the closest electrical displays we’ve seen — not the closest, but perhaps the most directly overhead — so it was sharp claps of thunder. 

One of these days I may get a device and try time-delay pics on this iPhone to snap lightning, but no hurry.

No hurry about anything, in fact, especially life itself.

Wishing all a worshipful morning and long Sunday afternoon nap, I am faithfully

yr obt svt

DThos+ in +Time+

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