Friday, September 23, 2016

View from 230

We thought Linda would be discharged Thursday, but late in day the hospital physician then neurologist came in with test results reporting that, beyond TIA, the MRI shows brain infarction, a stroke; and further, must stay a second night as echocardiogram results not in. Now Friday morning's early indication is normal echo and home to 7H hopefully this morning.

Fortunately, blessedly, no symptoms remain, and both physicians said she can return to perfectly normal living, Plavix replacing aspirin. Physician said all this excitement is not abnormal with aging; so along with eighty, and of course we knew that, know that, relearn it anew day by day. It’s just that when you get there you realize that it hadn't really crossed your mind that it would actually happen to yourself. When it’s yourself, truth lags behind, never quite catches up. 

Looking back and realizing that you ran too fast, if only you had limped along, the race wouldn't be nearly over. Crossing the finish line and keeping on running. Well, walking. Okay, trudging. Father Time, go back to sleep.

Stoppage Time: the finish line has been moved out a bit for Extra Time and Ref will let you know “when.”

Or something.

Hospital folks graciously rolled in for me to sleep on, what looks pleasing enough, 

turns out to have been two nights on a bed of nails


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