Wednesday, September 28, 2016


A morning but for heat and humidity we’d have coffee on 7H porch instead of inside looking out. Not so much a spectacular sunrising as taking in this speck of creation’s wonder in our millisecond of Time that "was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be." And we used to finish in Anglican Chant, “world without end Amen” but's no longer so evident past eighty as past eight. 

Do I remember passing eight? That summer my mother and I boarded the train at the L&N depot on Alcaniz in Pensacola, changed trains in Montgomery, on to Washington, DC for several days including the zoo where I saw my first tarantula, step by step to the top of the Washington Monument and looked around, climbed into the topmost level of the capitol dome where visitors no longer are allowed. Thence to New London, Connecticut to see my father, who was in maritime service officer school, where memories include standing on a bridge and watching a diesel submarine pass under us as a sailor on the conning tower looked up and saluted me. Return home to hear that while we were away my brother and sister ages five and six had scared the hell out of our grandmother by climbing out on the steep roof of the Gentry house at 1317 E.Strong Street and caught eating candy out there. All extremely mixed feelings about. 

Moreover, thunderclaps offshore.

After lunch we drive to Pensacola for a graveside service, passing the L&N station when I was a boy. Restored and designated historic, it’s incorporated into the Crowne Plaza Hotel behind it. 

Tried a reservation there for tonight, but all booked up. At St. John’s Cemetery I’ll visit Gentry and Weller grandparents, and Alfred. Drive by 1317 and old East Hill Baptist Church.

Again last evening caught a ship entering port and passing 7H starboard-side-to. Tall tower in the background.

Courtney Point, tall tower behind, BayPoint. Now lightning, shrimp-boat headed home, thunderstorm passing through.

20160928 0915 local. Enviro, not sure but looks like "Harvey Bluesea" being towed from port back to Eastern Shipbuilding. Impressive, they build beautiful vessels there. 


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