Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Time: still dark

0326 and up a quarter hour or so, 75° 72% with lovely cool breeze wafting across 7H porch. Summer is slacking off when I slide open the porch door and am no longer buffeted by heat. Spell of pleasant, then bitter cold. Flashing lights on the Bay but no shrimp boats, the only sound air conditioning compressors in this wing of the castle.

Black coffee then Linda comes out with the lemon water, which noticeably reduces my appetite throughout the day. Maybe it will help defeat my mortal enemy, the scale. Now black and dark, coffee and chocolate.

Sound, motor of a boat across the Bay entering the Pass and heading east. And silent, a large, larger ship into the Pass, gliding across before us in the far channel and on east toward the shipyard, not by 7H.

That will be a disappointment of the Port’s new docking and handling facilities down east of us toward Tyndall bridge.

Tuesday’s promise. Ships will pass. Dawn will break. Work at the office. Monday will fade, and with it Time.


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