Sunday, September 11, 2016


“Now we are engaged in a great civil war” seems almost as true as when Lincoln spoke it over a century and a half ago. Half of us think America needs to be made great again, and half of us believe America IS great and trying to be morally greater and that our service has helped keep America great. This land is MY land.

My blog is for, of, and about me and what I see, perceive, discern, understand, about myself as well as about the world in which I live, have lived, and hope for those I love most in life. It doesn’t include the likes of me, sitting on an explosive temper of raging fury and ready to push every button, in national leadership. I remember 9/11 vividly and had I been Dubya, on 9/12 Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia would have been smoking, smoldering radioactive rubble the height of the sea, uninhabitable for a thousand years, and I am thankful, grateful, that he was calm and deliberate at least for the moment, in the instant. 

“We will never forget,” “Let’s remember Pearl Harbor, as we did the Alamo,” we, I, humanity at large, are narcissistic to the core, self-justifying creatures of vengeance and revenge, even after the Image in which we were created judging perhaps by Adonai of Joshua, let the reader understand. Yet even the most grievous simpleton might be but is not retrospective enough to see, discern, perceive, realize the history of groundwork for 9/11. I am so thankful that I, nor the likes of me, was not Leader on 9/11. We had then an elected leader who turns out to have been an artist all along; IDK, perhaps a poet as well. I am grateful for his calm in the moment, ashamed of what he was persuaded to do after, but for calm in the raging horror.

America IS Great, and I fear someone like me to be Leader. The world has been there, done that, needs no eager fingers on buttons. Sieg.

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