Thursday, September 1, 2016

think east, far, far east

think east

One thing I’m finding out is that of an early morning this Elixir of the Damned does nothing whatsoever to stir my brain to think and the fingers to tippy-toe lightly over the MacBook keys. That only Black & Dark does so, black coffee and dark chocolate. Hot lemon water: drink with a straw so it skips the teeth, but mind it first cools a tad.

What’s the thing’s name, Hermine currently has shifted back east a bit, currently to cross over at Apalachicola or hopefully Carrabelle, Lanark or Alligator Point. “Hurricane Warning: Coastal Franklin County, Florida” says the map on my screen. We’re baptizing Nick Williams at Trinity Church Saturday afternoon, then mullet. Are Jacob and Elizabeth bringing any okra from Texas? Collards? Okay, now the mind is igniting.

Yesterday, condo management email asking everyone to bring inside everything from the porch. We did last evening, few things left, tall metal table, table my mother had made for me along in the fall 1993, and two chairs. Rain overnight, and evidently windy as the porch is wet halfway back.

Storm tracks from the National Hurricane Center, showing Hermine’s shift from east toward west and back east. Think east. Think east, but don't pray east, that would be selfish.


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